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Aulas ODS is an initiative created by Gabriel Deler (Director of Sociolidarios) that involves and supports educational community on sustainable development education, where Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are its leitmotiv. Building capabilities and developing innovative ways based on an approach in service-learning methodology, with a range of activities and child-friendly tools, in which the collaboration between formal, non-formal and informal educational providers, enterprises and civil society play a fundamental role.

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Puentes Digitales is a non-profit entity founded by Carlos Gutiérrez Tocino and Javier Buhigas Pérez in 2017. Its main objective is to raise awareness, inform and train citizen, companies and public entities with the simple and difficult objective to make a better world for everyone. Puentes Digitales is a place where a community of people from different specialities and experiences come together to help develop a better future, implementing different initiatives in liaison with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).